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The Latest Novel By Kris Radish Coming Soon!
"I've been blessed to read every book you've written and have come away wiser and always looking to better myself and those around me. Thank you for the words, characters, and adventures you so graciously breathe to life in the amazing pages of your books. Your books allow women to know that the bond between Girlfriends is priceless and sacred and AWESOME!!!" - Lisa Aker
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"Kris Radish creates characters that seek and celebrate the discovery...of women's innate power." - The Denver Post
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Kris RadishWelcome to Radishland!  

   My life as a daughter, sister, mother, journalist and about 100 other things(even a worm picker) has given me a chance to explore the emotional and physical territority that all women share. I like to think that I've created my own genre - Broads Who Have Been There - because I write about real women and the real issues we all face every day. So there's a laugh on one page and a tear on the next and my stories of female friendship, love, loss, empowerment, and living life to the fullest every single day should make you feel as if you are reading about your own life.
     My new novel - A Grand Day to Get Lost - has all of the above and more. I've resurrected a powerful literary icon, thrown in a lost soul, a big mystery, a bad guy, a handsome sheriff, a bit of whiskey, a huge dig at the fickle publishing world, some naked rain dancing, a mess of brave, lovely, amazing women and some moments that I hope will touch your heart and soul. The book will be available April 1 and the next book is almost finished and the one after that is also in the works. My mind is full of stories!   It's going to be a Grand Day and I can't wait to share it with you! AND TWO NEW BOOKS COMING in 2014! MAYBE THREE!!!!!!



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: June 13-15 2014.
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