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Posted: 10/13/2013

I'm getting ready to switch my blog from one provider to the next. This has nothing to do with Obama by the way so hang tight for a moment. After twelve years as a political columnist I vowed not to write about politics...this is about blogging hosts and hostesses. There's nothing political about that is there?

In my quest to simplify my life, those who know me well will be laughing now, I am going to let my fabulous web people,, host my entire life. This does not include cocktails, a party every night, or a free trip around the world but I know it will make my ability to blog more often easier and three cheers for that. By the way I hate the word blog but no one seems to care much about that. It sounds like a weather pattern for the love of God.

Sometime next week all of the blogs on my current site will disappear until they reappear in a book someday so if there's one you like you'd better grab it and put it under your pillow. I was just going to let them slowly die off but I decided to copy them all-160 pages of them-so that Oprah can read them some day just before she puts me on her show.

And I'm probably going to mix things up a bit as I change(and not just my underwear), my writing moves in interesting directions, and I gallop into the wind. I might throw some poetry on here, a song or two I may or may not have written in a drunken stupor, or a love note that I've saved and can't remember who sent it to me. And of course I'll still be allowing you inside of my life because that's what I do when I sit down here. I expose my heart and soul and that's one thing that is never going to change.

Most of me is what it is and most days that makes me pretty damn happy...not that there isn't room for improvement. The process is endless - is it not?

There are miles to go and pages to fill and I'm glad you're with me on this interesting, sometimes confusing, but always exciting life journey.

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