sweet seasons....

Posted: 10/26/2013

I started in Wisconsin where I spent twenty falls and then headed south to Florida where there really is a change of seasons if you you pay attention. It's subtle here, the temperature drops a bit, some of the trees shed their leaves, the humidity departs and as in every fall season in every place in the world the sky transforms itself.

Mostly I sat in the car that my daughter was driving and thought about all the falls I have seen. I thought about hiking through mountains and lying in the big field in Montana and sitting on the beach in California and playing in the sandbox when my children were babies and there were pumpkins all around us. I thought about my dad's hunting clothes on the back porch and how my mom always set out little decorations and the way it made me feel when I sat against the side of the house, always alone, and imagined the life I have been living now for so many years.

Sometimes a sweet pause to realize you are living in the middle of a dream you created when you were a young girl is necessary and for me that long ride home was a tonic of reassurance. There are miles to go to get to the end of the dream and what a journey I am having through these seasons of my life. 

I have always loved fall. I'm a September baby and maybe that's why I feel so close to these changing days and the crisp air that seems to mke me feel like I want to start all over again—which is exactly what I do every morning when I pause by the window and feel my heart beating with the simple joy of living.

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