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Posted: 11/14/2013

I've been wanting to write about expensive purses for a long time but now that thought has expanded into expensive everything. How in the hell can people afford the stuff I see in magazines?

I'm an avid reader and an avid writer so when I rock through magazines and the Sunday New York Times—the real thing—paper and all—I'm always struck by the cost of well EVERYTHING. Cars, clothes, shoes, houses, food, rent....holy crap!

The most expensive thing I ever purchased to wear was a pair of cowgirl boots that will last long after I pass into whatever comes next. They cost several hundred dollars and I still feel bad about that but I love those black and red boots. And that's it. My long-ago wedding dress didn't cost as much as the boots by the way.

So purses. Really? Who in the world would pay five hundred dollars or more for something you put tissue you inside of, a wine opener, a spare knife and a credit  card?  All I can say about this is wow, to have disposable income like that must really be something.

I like clothes, don't get me wrong. But I'm more prone to shop at second hand stores, and that one place that has a big circle on it and another circle inside of it and sometimes, when I have to get up in front of more then ten people I might buy something expensive online from a tall-woman store—expensive is about fifty bucks for me.

In an honest moment I guess I would splurge if I could afford it and buy that I think about it. I don't really need anything but new biking shorts and I've always wanted to be fitted for a bra, that will be another blog some day, so maybe a new top, or a skirt that stretches around the waist, or more cowgirl boots. (They look funky with Florida shorts only if you are 23 and can pull it off.)

Maybe I'm jealous or just not a purse girl. My latest purse is a cool backpack thingbe so maybe it's just a handbag problem. All I know is that every single time I look at those ads my mouth drops open and I close my eyes and try to imagine what it would be like to slip my spare sweat socks into a $1,000 purse and I start to laugh.

and a great laugh is almost as good as slipping my feet into those leather boots. Yee-Ha!

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