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Posted: 4/9/2014

     I've been thinking, which is really my full-time occupation, about how I am going to stop wondering and worrying about the people in my life who never show up. By show up, I mean physically and I also mean emotionally. I think I've written a couple novels about this but sometimes it's good to review.
     Here's what I mean. So say you are having a party or an event or you are waiting for someone to send you an email or you have a business and someone or a couple of someone's never show up. The email doesn't come, they never walk through the door, there might never be an explanation and most of us always say this—I wonder why so-and-so never came.
     FORGET ABOUT IT! Isn't that freeing! We all need to focus on the people who did show up, the ones who are present, the ones who are responsivle and who are seriously true friends or relatives or partners or whatever they are in our lives. The people who show up are the ones who matter.
     Obviously sometimes life gets in the way of people showing up and I know this from personal car accidents, the flu, a random act of necessary responsibility(that would be a great book title...) or what we love to call a brain fart—which means we just simply forgot.
     These are excuses but part of this new life plan I am sharing is that we still don't care , unless something tragic has happened, because we are just too damn busy focusing on the people who did show up.
      Think of the fun we are all going to have in each other's presence! Think of how our conversations will expand because we won't have to even mention the people who didn't show up, and most importantly, we get to have their drinks!
      I like to think I'm a good listener and pretty present(not attractive but pretty as in she tries really hard) but I do go away inside of my own head a lot and when I'm writing don't even bother to invite me for free wine because I ain't coming. I'm present in a different world, baby.
      Just revisiting this has saved me hours of searching for lost people. They know where to find me and I'd tell you who they all are but I'm not thinking about them now.     







































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