Radish Tips

1. Try to read and buy newspapers.  It's not only good for your brain it gives other people a great job and is a fundamental part of our interesting society.
2. You better vote.  It would be nice if you voted the same way I do but I really don't care. Get out there people!
3. Volunteer even if you are still tired from all the stuff you did when your kids were in school. Do something totally new.
4. Write a real letter.  Not an email.  Get some stationary and send a letter to someone who you love.  I'm telling you - this is like twelve holidays in a row. I LOVE to send cards and notes.  It shows someone that thay are special and it will make your second grade teacher really happy.
5. Ride your bike more often. I often have to pick bugs out of my teeth and well, you know my hair, but no carbon imprint, exercise, fresh air - oh joy!!!!!!!
6. Laugh AT LEAST once a day.  It's such good medicine and you can skip sit-ups. 
7. And yes!  READ MORE BOOKS>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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