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Posted: 4/25/2015

      It's been so long since I wrote a blog(what a stupid name already) I've almost forgotten how to format the damn thing....but unless I fall and hit my head I can't imagine not writing.
      Last year, which seems like yesterday, I decided it was too much to blog and twitter and facebook and write books and run a business and about fifty more ands and I know some of you have missed these musings. In a way I have missed them too, so I am back, sort of, but with a warning for myself and you also.
     I like to think that I am a lot like everyone else and in many ways we are all the same. We love and feel and work and lose and laugh and cry and many of us, seemingly all of us in this fast world, are often too busy to take care of the most important thing. Well, it's not really a thing but a's yourself. Go look in a mirror and you will get it.
    Several weeks ago I had a fairly serious medical scare and I spent a bit of time in my hospital room looking out the window, just looking, and airing out my heart. I did the same thing just after I wrote Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn and quit a job that was literally killing me.
   It seems ridiculous to say I'm slowing down because here I am talking to you again but slowing down for me does mean taking care of things that are REALLY important first. It's very hard for a mother and a daughter, or so it seems any woman at all to say, "Me first," but I am trying. I'm failing a lot of the time, but I also know many of you look at me and count on me and when I say, "take care of yourself just a bit better" I need to do the same thing.
    This means I am having the last glass of wine in the bottle, the only piece of pie, the first crack at the clicker, days without answering emails, no rush to finish the next chapter(I'm lying now), more time to hike and kayak, increasing my use of the word no, and I'm resurrecting my own Sunday list of dreams.
     First things first. I took off my computer glasses a bit ago and I can't find them...and no, I am not wearing them. Some things will never change but I'm stopping, right now, to think about just that one simple thought. Because as we know....change is good baby!    

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