Giving up giving up....

Posted: 4/19/2014

      My mom told me last week that she had given up drinking her beloved wine during the season of Lent. I find this astounding because her entire life has been about sacrificing for others. I can't remember a meal growing up where she actually sat down and ate for more than five seconds.
     She's a devot Catholic and I understand everything that goes in front of and behind this kind of fast. Once, just after I had made my First holy Communion, and back in the day when we were not allowed to eat ANYTHING until after Mass, I accidentially ate one tiny piece of cereal and for months I thought I was going to drop dead or be struck by lightening. Seriously.
     Those days in my life have been long gone for a while but I always support everyone else's personal choices. Truth be told, I just bounded out of a three-day cleanse but that had more to do with my physical mess than original sin. Steroids are naughty.
     So after my chat with Mom I decided that there are lots of people, myself included, who seriously need to give up giving up. My mom's life is one sacrifice after another and I for one believe that her glasses of wine are her medicine and a bit of reward for what she does every single minute of her life. And a nice chardonnary beats the crap out of the stuff that comes out of a brown bottle from the doctor. But it's her life and her choice and, well, she's always been one hell of a staunch Catholic who still eats fish on Friday nights.
     But everyone's permission to give up giving up and to have your own personal resurrection on the eve of Easter Sunday. Eat your candy and drink your wine and go ahead and swear again.
     Me? Well, Mom arrives in three days for her Florida triage appointment and I've already stocked up wine and a little vodka for the sunset martini's. We're going to have a seven-day resurrection party and I'm going to eat an entire bowl of cereal...just before dinner.

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