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Here's hoping you find a lovely home with me on my website....and also a little bit of fun. Well, maybe a lot of fun. My readers are always a very special part of my life and your words, comments, emails, letters....the times you come to see me when I speak or appear at a book store are a wonderful part of my life.

These's pages should give us a chance to connect in ways that go beyond the reading of a novel. My life is filled with open pages and even though I happen to write books .....I'm just like you.

I get cranky. My damn knees are starting to ache all of the time. I swear to God I go to bed and my stomach expands by simply breathing. My kids are young adults and I just ache for them. I worry all of the time about my mom and dad. I hate that my chin, boobs....pretty much everything is being pulled to the floor. And I love to laugh, drink wine, sing out loud so I can hear the echo, and I cry at the drop of a hat.

So here goes. Please feel free to send me your own tips, photos, recipes, road maps to life....and you can join me too!!


Hearts on a String!

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