afraid of the dark...

Posted: 1/14/2014

     I have been wishing for years that we would have a day when everyone turned out unnecessary lights. Just think about what the world would look like—we'd REALLY be able to see.
     Those of you who are campers or who have gone camping know what I am talking about. Remember those nights around the campfire with nothing but a flashlight and the open sky and the clear vision of the world around you once your eyes got used to the darkness?
     We really can see in the dark so what are we all afraid of?
     I could go on and on about dark times leading to brighter things but I ain't going there. I just really want to see the REAL world—no glitter or glam or brightness—just the simple beauty of unmanmade beauty.
     A very long time ago I stood with both my children at a very famous Florida resort looking at a fake waterfall. All my kids really wanted to do on that trip was swim and eat candy and that day when I stood with them my son turned to me and said something amazing. He looked up at me and said, "Mom, this is really great but can we go see a real one?"
    Big cities are beautiful and so are lots of things people make but if we can manage to sit still long enough real, natural and untouched beauty lies in the darkness. It's not the scarry out there, believe me. 
    I'm not saying I haven't been afraid of the dark. I've fallen on my face more than a few times and ran screaming when I've been scared but truth be told I'm not scared any longer. Guess why?
    It's because I'm not afraid to REALLY look. Not just out there but inside, and I'm not talking about inside the house. We are all much lovelier than you think no matter what we think we look like. And the world at night, when some people jump back from the darkness, is amazing.
    Go take a peek. Just imagine me holding your hand and twinkling stars and this vision of self beauty that will make your heart sing. Who knows what you might see?


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