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The Shortest Distance between Two Women.

Radish, Kris (Author)

Aug 2009. 340 p. Bantam, paperback, $13.00. (9780553805413).

Emma Gilford is 43, single, and childless. To distract herself from what she doesn't have, she channels her energy into other avenues: her job; her elaborate garden; her favorite niece, Stephanie; and trying to keep her family-mother Marty and elder sisters Erika, Joy, and Debra-from driving each other insane. When the Gilford Family Reunion rolls around and planning begins, the stress of always being put upon and taken advantage of by her sisters pushes her over the edge. She begins to refuse their requests and mouths off like she has never done before. Her sisters and mother are shocked, but they suspect something else is
igniting her outbursts. And they're right. Emma's old boyfriend Samuel, gone for so many years, is now leaving insistent messages on Emma's answering machine at the worst possible time for Emma to reevaluate her love life, let alone her entire family. Popular and prolific Radish offers a touching story about strong women and family bonds.

- Hilary Hatton

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