The Saddest Heart

the saddest heart
is my daughter
calling in tears
this distress of distance
pulling at every inch of my being
i close my eyes
when we talk
reach out my hand
and catch her tears
hundreds and hundreds of miles away.....
she is on the steps
saddened by the weight of her life
wanting only to know
that i answer the call
that i listen
that i can tell her
one two three
the order of movement
she must follow
everything i am
tries not to fall
directly to the floor
when this happens.....
i see her long fingers
legs of steel
the way her green eyes lighten
when they are wet
and it takes my own weight and strength
to keep me here
when i want to run like hell
to the airport......
i hate this part
of letting go
hate it...
i am her mama
she is my baby
forever more
and this night
the sky is darker
and i will not sleep
but hold her
all night
as i feel her grow
bolder stronger wiser
with each passing hour......


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