the joy of laughter...

Posted: 7/14/2013

It's come to my personal attention that I haven't been laughing enough. I think this might be why I am struggling with my knee recovery, I gained a shitload of weight, my face looks unusual, intrest rates are up, my bank account is down and why it is raining so much lately.

In the past one thing has always made sense - Laughter makes everything better.

We all know this because when we let loose with one of those big laughs we not only feel better but we gain a couple of days in the life expectancy department. I think there's a little person tucked away somewhere who keeps track of all our laughing moments, records them, and then rewards us with extra living time.

This is why I watched a rather frivolous movie the other day called Pitch Perfect. I'm not a big tv person - I'd much rather be outside or reading and truth be told when I do watch tv I'm always doing two other things at the same time-usually reading and sketching. In case you haven't noticed there really aren't many good movies, or many good anythings to watch now that Nurse Jackie is on hiatus, so when Pitch perfect popped up I sang for a moment and then turned it on.

The movie made me laugh. It was stupid, silly, Bridesmaidish stuff but some of it was still funny...either that or I was way behind in my laugh scorekeeping. At one point I actually recoded myself laughing, after I ran to the bathroom, and sent it to my daughter who misses me quite a lot.

And afterwards I started to walk better, it stopped raining, and I had only gained 10 ounces!

Laughter is a miracle and I've reinstalled the mirrors throughout the house to help me build back my life-extending karma. One look and I'm laughing off a few of those ounces. Who is that old woman?

Give it a whirl and have a laugh on me - I'm buying!

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