the missing cookbook... and mom

Posted: 8/30/2013

You know your life is too busy when you lose your cookbook. This is a very important guideline in life. I know this is true because I have lost my cookbook and apparently my marbles too.

So I was writing down ingredients for a mess of slow cooker healthy recipes so I could make a load of food-healthy, vegetable and more vegetable kinds of foods-and I was all organized, or so I thought, when I went to the grocery store to pick up what I needed.

As luck and life would have it the next day I was too busy to cook so I ate frozen soup-first I thawed it out. The following day, after a late start, of course, because I'm so damn busy, I finally bounced into the kitchen, because that's what I do these days, bounce. I grabbed a few items out of the frig and then went to get the cookbook that I remember leaving on the living room table, which by the way is also the kitchen table because we don't have a kitchen table.

The cookbook was missing and thus began my day long hunt for the damn cookbook. I looked everywhere-everywhere means going through the garbage cans outside and the messy car trunk and looking under the couch. The cookbook was and remains missing. Hello?????

So I did what any normal daughter would do who could-I called my mom. How lucky, lucky, lucky can I be? My mom is 84 and still alive and so amazingly active and sharp and wonderful.

Of course she had the same cookbook and looked up the recipes and gave them to me and then we both poured a glass of wine and talked while I chopped onions and peppers and cried. And it wasn't because I was chopping onions and jalapenos but because I was so damn lucky that I had lost the cookbook and could call my sweet mama.

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