Cool Reader Photos

Here's a spot for some of you photos!  Take a shot of your book club, your girlfriends, your bees(see below) or something you would love to share and I will share a little something with you too.....

 Here's the story about the bracelets...!!! Well, I will let Mary tell you, here she is:
"Kris I learned to drive at the age of 52.  I had always been terrified of roadways.  After marrying , I moved from my beautiful Maine to Boston.  When my father was dying ( 6 years ago) I promised him to take care of Mom.  After a scarey summer of driver Ed, I finally got my license.  So began the long trips to Maine as Mom's health failed. Every trip I made I would stop in this little store and buy a bracelet.  I was known there as the "Bracelet Lady".  Mom passed late this last Oct., but the bracelets remain as a testamony of our love."

How absolutely lovely Mary Connolly!!!!!
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